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We're Dedicated to Ensuring your Data Security. We've Developed Sophisticated anti-fraud ,Malware Scan and Vulnerability Monitoring Mystems, and we work closely with partners such as True Business ID with EV GEO-TRUST 256-bit SSL, True Site Seal,Green Address Bar Technology Secure and  to keep your online shopping experience secure. None of your personal information is required to make a payment and we store as little of your data as possible (which sucks for our marketing guys, but oh well).

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Ratnajyoti.com is True Business ID with EV GEO-TRUST 256-bit SSL = Secure Socket Layer With Green Address Bar Technology Secure and anti-fraud ,Malware Scan and Vulnerability Monitoring Systems Secure.

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1.Shopping safety -    Your Security is a Priority at Ratnajyoti. We use True Business ID with EV GEO-TRUST 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) With Green Address Bar Technology Secure and anti-fraud ,Malware Scan and Vulnerability Monitoring Systems Secure, the most widely used data encryption coding system for secure e-commerce transactions. Secure IP  Tracking System technology.

2.Product safety -   Your Product is shipped in durable, tamper-proof packing that ensures that the contents remain intact. Your Product is fully insured till it reaches your doorstep, and we only work with reputed and established courier services like Bluedart & DTDC.

3.Customer Confidentiality -    Shopping on Ratnajyoti is very private. We maintain strict confidentiality about customer details.
Privacy 100% Secure and Gurantee.

Advice: Donot  Depend on an Honest Face , You  Must  Demand  A  Govt.Reg. Certificate,Tax-Invoice with Guarantee card.

Risk Free, Safe and Secure online Shopping of Diamonds,Gemstones and Astrology Consultancy with Ratna jyoti.

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1.1,00,000+ Diamonds ,Gems & Rudraksha.
2. Lower  Price  Present  Retailor  Rate.
3. Certified Diamond , Gems &  Real Rudraksha.
4. Price: Below Rs.500 to Max  Rs.13,00,00,000
5. All India Most Low Shipping Free.
6. Gift Voucher Must With every Purchase.
7.Best Possible Shopping Experience
8.Best & Guarantee Astrology Online Prediction with High Edu.Astrologer
9.All & Every Product Sell with Invoice ,Certificate with Guarantee Card
10.Unique Products such as Exceptional Value
11.Low < High Quality Products
12.Products Securely Deliver right to you Door .
13.24/7 Online Support
14.Most Low Fees International Shipping
15.Privacy Gurantee.
16.100% Full Exchange
17.Website Online SSL Secure Payment Gateway System.
18.Confarm Ofline Payment gateway syatem
19.Secure E-Mail Payment gateway System
20.EMI Option -9-to-11Banks Credit Card Holders.
Low Fees Shipping

We ship Low Fees of cost to any location within India. Shipping time is 12 Business days from date of purchase.

International Shipping
If you are outside India and wish to make a purchase with Ratnajyoti, please contact us and we will be happy to guide you.

In case you plan to use an international credit card, you may need special assistance. We will be glad to help you through the payment process, and to advise you on alternative payment methods.
 You may reach us via:

Email : contact@ratnajyoti.com

Live chat between 10 and 24 HRS IST or 4:30 to 18:30 HRS GMT

Call us at +91-341-2668022 to speak with our consultants.

Shipping cost and time may vary with the country of shipment.

Free Gift 

Gift Voucher Must With every Purchase For Online Purchase.

Easy and convenient EMI options are available exclusively to 9 -to- 11 Banks credit card Holders.

Multiple Payment Options

You may choose from several payment options:

    ONLINE:    Pay with Credit Card, Debit Card , Online Fund Transfer, Mobile Payment,Cash Card and E-Mail Payment.
    OFFLINE:  Pay with cheque, cash deposit or money transfer through Western Union.