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Birth Date Rectification
Birth Date Rectification:: You can use our Birth Date Rectification service or consult a professional

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Why knowing the exact date of Birth with time of birth is so important?
The fact is that the planets go through the Astro circle at different speeds. The fastest planets are the Moon and Mercury, and during the day they can move from one zodiac sign to another. But even more important is the position of the Ascendant (Asc / Logna). The location of astrological houses is calculated from it, which is extremely important in forecasting. The Ascendant is the top, border /cusp of the first house, it has an important significance in a person's life, and its sign can say a lot about a person

On average, the Ascendant (Asc / Logna) changes sign approximately every 1.45 -2 hours, and this can show a large inaccuracy if you do not know the exact time.

How to determine your exact Date of Birth with time of birth?
You can use our Birth Date and Birth Time Rectification service or consult a professional.

Astrologer Knowing the exact time of birth is the key to successful astrological consultations and accurate forecasting.