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Krishna Murti (KP) Only Math Report
KP system incorporates making of the Bhava Chalit Chart/Horoscope in a different way as far as the consideration of starting with the first house is concerned.

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Ratna Jyoti’s Horoscopes 

Horoscope   or  Kundali is the basis of Vedic Astrology and acts as the astrological chart to calculate the future of an individual. The Horoscope or Kundali based on the date of birth is the most accurate way to predict one’s personality traits and how their future would pan out. But with evolving technologies our path to attain the truth has deviated too! 

Online Horoscope now features a Diff. of options and astrological systems available for horoscope Reading. Online Horoscope Predictions are all correct and boast about their accuracy. 

Prepared by our expert Astrologers who have decades of experience in their Respective fields, the Birth Horoscope thus devised is done meticulously with deft and unerring predictions. 

Ratna Jyoti gives to you Best Horoscope Prediction Reports aimed at Providing You the most Accurate and Detailed Horoscope Report in the Market. 

Ratna Jyoti brings you this ancient wisdom by which you can get your future revealed by our highly Experieced Astrologers who have been helping clients to prosper all over the world since decades. 

K.P Horoscope

KP Horoscope Report is around 5-6 page report. It is a small model which gives Birth-details, Planetary Degrees, Nirayana Bhava Degrees, Lagna Chart, Cusp Chart, Significators and Ruling Planets along with Vimshottari Dasha with Sub-Sub Period.Krishna Murti (KP) Only Math Report

What is KP Astrology? 

KP Astrology is a methodology devised from the same parent branch i.e Vedic Astrology. It is not something that is different from Vedic Astrology, but a prediction mechanism that takes a particular approach. There are multiple ways of analyzing a horoscope and making a KP horoscope using KP system astrology is one such way. This system was devised by Late Krishnamurti and KP means "Krishnamurti Paddhati". 

How are KP Astrology Predictions Made? 

KP system incorporates making of the Bhava Chalit Chart/Horoscope in a different way as far as the consideration of starting with the first house is concerned. We all know that each house in the horoscope is spanned over 30 degrees but in a KP astrology horoscope the first house is considered from the Lagna /Ascendant degree up to the next 30 degree. Hence, while in the traditional Vedic Astrology, the Zodiac belt is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each, in KP Astrology it witnesses its division into 12 unequal parts. 

The importance of Nakshatras in KP Astrology cannot be stressed enough. There are 27 Nakshatras and each planet governs 3 Nakshatras. Each Zodiac sign contains 2 and 1/4th Nakshatras, that means one Nakshatra is shared by two signs. Careful analysis of the Nakshatra in which a planet is placed is one the most crucial aspect of making accurate predictions with KP astrology. If a planet is positioned and Aspecting good houses in a Horoscope, but as per KP, it is placed in a Nakshatra that is owned by a planet which is badly positioned and Aspected, then the end result will be totally opposite from what is seen at the surface. 

Benefits of a KP Horoscope 

  • KP horoscope predictions are pinpointed and precise. 
  • Due to the specific approach that this branch follows, it fairly increases the accuracy factor in predictions. KP astrology marriage prediction is something that is much sought after, as it gives a very vivid picture of the quality of marital relationship that an individual is slated to have with his/her partner. 
  • It specifies favourable periods in terms of financials in a persons life and cautions the individual about bad periods before hand, so that any major financial investment or new venture must be avoided during that. 
  • Surprisingly, as far as education is concerned, it analyzes the bent of mind of the child and reveals the fields that are likely to provide the student with maximum opportunities in terms of career success! 
  • Last but not the least, it predicts the condition of health over the entire lifespan of an individual, disclosing even the name of diseases that are signified, if at all in one horoscope.  


KP Horoscope Features 

  • KP Chart, Tables of Significator & Ruling Planets in KP 
  • Planetary Degrees and Nirayana Bhava 
  • Calculation of Lagna Chart, Cusp Chart 
  • Vimshottari dasha with Sub-Sub Period 
  • Table of Significators of Houses, Planet Signification Table 
  • Tables of aspects on Planets, Bhav Middle & Cusps 

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