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Personal Report from Horoscope
Personal Report from Horoscope::Health and Finance With Career Reports

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Benefits of getting Specific Problem Reports:-

It reveals the health status that we are going to have and thus, giving us an opportunity to adjust our lifestyle accordingly and take necessary & timely precautions to avoid a health problem that is signified by the planets in the future. Financial decisions that we make have a long-lasting impact on our lives and this report tells us about the financial trajectory that fate has decided for us, based on our previous life karmas. So, knowing beforehand about both a favorable and unfavorable period in terms of financial conditions, we will only make informed decisions that would maximize the gain and minimize the risk factor in our financial conditions.

This report reveals the skills you possess, your individual capability of learning and grasping things that helps you in selecting the right learning path. Choosing a profession in today’s world that is changing at a very fast pace, can be really confusing and cumbersome. But this report analyzes our career horoscope and suggests the best lines of professions to us by taking into account our true nature, our abilities, our areas of interest and avenues that are likely to get positive support from the planets when it comes to getting lucrative opportunities is concerned.


Features of Specific Problem Reports:-


Health Report:

This is a 14-15 page report that as per your birth details, analyzes the planetary degrees, Lagna charts, Moon chart, Navamsa chart, Dasamamsa chart, Sarvashtakvarga, Vimshottari Dasha and Yogini Dasha. It includes 5 Year Dasha Analysis along with 2 Year detailed yearly and monthly predictions about your health.

Finance Report:

This carefully prepared report deals with financial astrology and takes into account various planetary influences as per their positions and aspects in your Horoscope. It also includes 5 Year Dasha Analysis along with 2 Year detailed yearly and monthly predictions about your finances.

Education Report:

Education astrology by date of birth leads to the education horoscope of an individual. Considering the importance of education in a student’s life, this report is prepared by taking into account even the minutest of planetary influences in one’s horoscope. Multiple charts are analyzed to arrive at the best possible remedies that can be done to avoid any hurdles in the education life of a student. Apart from many other things this 14 to15-page report contains 2 Year month wise detailed education predictions.

Profession Report:

This report deals with career astrology and a career horoscope by date of birth is prepared. Since the 10th house of the horoscope is considered as the house of career/profession, so this report is prepared by analyzing the strength of the 10th house in the native’s horoscope. Dasamamsa Chart becomes specifically important in this case and special emphasis is given in analyzing that, along with a plethora of other charts and factors.  looks for the planets present in the 10th and those casting an aspect on the 10th house and arrives at a conclusion which is aimed at enhancing the chances of success in the native’s career life. This report contains a 2 Year month wise detailed profession prediction.


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