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Transit Results (Gochara Phal)
1 Year Date to Date Transit Results (Gochara Phal) of All Planets Only reports.

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Transit Results (Gochara Phal)

Transit is a very important aspect of Jyotish, used primarily for timing events. Grahas which are stationed in the Rasi chart and are involved in various good and adverse yogas give their results when they move through various signs during their transits. Although it is customary to look at the transit from the Moon, in my view, that is done only out of convenience as Moon sign is readily known from the day of birth and is used in various matters in India even now. The transit is equally important from the Lagna which is unique to people born on the same day, having same Chandra Lagna. A composite analysis of the Transit both from the Lagna and Chandra Lagna gives more accurate results.

The first step, however, is an understanding of the Transit is to study the results from the Moon. As the understanding matures, an astrologer should expand his horizon and bring in a multitude of other factors, to make the judgment more accurate and comprehensive.


1 Year Date to Date Transit Results (Gochara Phal) of All Planets Only reports.