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Bastu Predictions
Vastu is a divine architectural science that has the potential of warding off all negative energies from your stand alone house and attracting positive ones.

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Benefits of Vastu Consultation for your Stand Alone House by Dr.Pijush Sashtri::
  • It offers a thorough analysis of the stand-alone house on the principles of Vastu Shastra.
  • Vastu condition of the main entrance of the house which controls the overall flow of energy is revealed.
  • Recommendation of ideal Vastu places and angles in the house for the placement of furniture.
  • Vastu compliant places for electronic items are suggested.
  • It helps us to bring a divine grace of living in the house.
  • It charges the house with prosperous energies.
  • Making the house in adherence with Vastu resolves all money related problems.
  • It promotes peace & self-realization in the house.
  • It balances the Sun energy on the roof of the house to attract finance & health.
  • It recommends favorable plants for the house.
  • Objects for correcting a flaw as per Vastu are recommended.
  • Vastu compliant stand-alone houses promote clarity of mind & creative thinking.
  • It is observed that people living in a Vastu corrected house never face any hurdle in their business/career.
  • Vastu based stand-alone houses promote sound & refreshing sleep.
  • Powerful Remedies are provided to balance the Five Elements residing in the house.
Charges for Residential Vastu Consultation Visit:
  • Domestic Vastu for a Stand Alone House- Rs.11111/-

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Visit charges are for Bahula Ratna Jyoti

Travel Expenses will be borne by the client.