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Ratna jyoti is the only Indian app based solution that provides for astrology services called Astrology.

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Ratna jyoti Excited and Pleased to Announced the Launch of our New Auto Generated PDF Horoscope with all type Astrology System.
Dr.Pijush:- Ratna jyoti is the perfect platform that merges science with art through technology. Ratna jyoti is the only Indian app based solution that provides for astrology services called Astrology. It helps to get horoscope, prediction, matchmaking, Daily Prediction Result, Numerology and other astrological calculations and report making to a business’s app or website.
Astrology has been a part of my history and my love and understanding of technology helped me integrate astrology with the latest technology to connect with a larger audience across the globe. Over the period, my two main observations on the subject were that:
a. Astrology market was unaddressed in terms of technology.
b. Generally, people who were proficient in Astrology were unaware of the latest technologies and vice versa. This gap prevents Astrology guidance reaching to a wider audience and only reaches to a limited set of crowd.
Ratna Jyoti bridges this gap between Astrology and technology and we have introduced Kundli and Astrology to the world.believes that astrology is 75% science and 25% art as one needs to interpret the readings on the basis of their current situation.
Astrology knowledge is transferred to website and Mobile Apps with calculations and formulas by building algorithms. The astrological algorithms are personalised based on age, gender, place and other behavioural traits to give uniqueness to reports. We also utilise some bits of Machine Learning to correct algorithms and Reports.

Ratna Jyoti does all the complex astronomical and  algorithmic calculations with astrology Predictions and all type astro-matching website & apps provides you. We are Certified & Natural Diamond & Gems Merchant and Exporter and we Provides Astrology Consultancy with Gem Testing Lab.

We provides all type Below Astro Judgment....(Predicted by Dr. Pijush Sashtri)

[We Provide Guarantee With Privacy on All Type Astrology Consultancy]

1.  Horoscope(Kundali / Thikuji / Kusti) Make with Judgment. 
2.  Numerology Full Judgment.
3.  Hand (Palm) Reading with Judgment. 
4.  All Type Vastu all Consultant. 
5.  Lal Kitab wise Judgment. 
6.  Hora and Horari Judgment. 
7.  Gemology Education Wise Prediction.
8.  Daily Result Astrology Prediction. 
9.  Krishna Murti -Jainimi -Parasara-, Bhrigu Math.Use for Judgment. 
10.Panchasara Judgment.   
11.Prashna Lagna Judgment. 
12.Daily Result Judgment.  
13.Muhurta Judgment
14.Barsafal(Yearly-Monthly Date Wise Result).
15.Rashi wise Result Prediction.
16.Samudrik wise  Judgment.
17.Naksha wise Result Prediction.
18.Any Quatation Lagna Prediction.
19.Dashabarga wise Power Judgment.
20.Dharma and Karma Judgment.
21.Asstabarga Wise  Judgment. 
22. Education and Profession Life. 
23.Marriage and Marriage Life Judgment.
24.Name,Gulik/Kalbela, YamBela.
25.Kaalsarpa yog Judgment With Remedy.
26.Mangalik dosh Judgment With Remedy.
27.All Type Yoga Judgment.
28. State of Health Position Judgment.
29.House Prediction.
30.Satru and Mitra with all Yoga Prediction.
31.Travel Position Prediction.
32.Characterstics with Mental Position.
33.Service Life & Money Position Judgment.
34.Bimsotori Dasha Details Judgment.
35. Saturn-Rahu Dasa Details Judgment.
36. Sare-Sati Sani Judgment.
37.Yogini and Bhrigu Dasa Judgment.
38.Sarosattori Dasa Details Judgment.
39.Name Analysis For Life Live Path. 
40.We Try All Type Confirm Remedy.

You Go to Any Astrologer many Time for one Problam / Querys  But - You Go to  Dr. Pijush Sashtri One Time For Many Problam/ Querys


Astrologer Advice

1.Astrologer can Define the Fortune but can’t Changed the Destiny.
2.Correct diagnosis Remedy can Protect & Cropped the Bad Effect
   of the  Fortune. (If You Want  Real Remedy for Planets so  must use
   100%  Natural Certified Real Gems  with  Grade + Quality + Weight. )
3.Destiny + Labour + Time + Effort = Success.
                       (Any Part / Subject of Human Life). 
4.The Details with Accurate Judgment of Birth / Marriage / Longevity-
    is Hard in Astrology.
5. Longevity is Destiny > God’s Gift. If  One’s Life is no more than any Accurate
    Judgment of Astrology is not Correct.
6. Do not  Depend on an Honest Face , You  Must  Demand  A  Tax Invoice ,Govt. Reg.
    Certificate/ Reg File with Guarantee.
7. We Try Give to Party  Guaranteed Astrological Predictions with Remedy.                
8. You Direct Online Visit & Download Live Your Astro File & Any Direct Online Consultancy  to



Extra Remedy for all and Best Effect for Human Live Life
1. You Must any type Loan Remove from any Person / Place.
2. Donate Fress Raddish or Rice. 
3. Observe 16 Monday Shiv Puja with 21 Ekadasi Narayan Puja Faithfully.
4. Float on Coconut in the Sea. 
5. Place a Silver Swastik and Ganesh Murti Entrance of Your House.  
6. Keep Barley Grains By Your Side While Sleeping in the Night and Feed
    Them to birds at dawn 
7.Float More Alive Fishes Than Your Age once or Twice Every Year in  the River.
8.Observe Every Wednesday Lord Ganesh Puja with “Bundy Laddos” .
9.Touch the Papal tree on Saturday and Offer Sweet water to it. 
10.Feed Millet Etc. Daily to the Birds. 
11.Wear Your Astro Predict Rudraksha Evertime after mantra  jaap.
12.You Must Daily Puja & Jaap Upper Write All Mantras and use
      Must all Remedy Gems Faithfully. 

N.B: We Try 100% Guarantied Prediction with Remedy on Govt.Reg Astro File.We Provide Guarantee With Privacy on All Type Astrology Consultancy.

          Believe or not Believe True Govt.Reg. Astrologer is Here.

Astrology Consultancy Terms & Conditions 
1. Ratna Jyoti Try  Give to Party  Guarantee Astrological Predictions if Party  Give to Ratna Jyoti  100%  Real Birth Date + Birth Time + Birth Place.
2. If the client suffers from " Fatherdosh" ," Motherdosh" ," Bastudosh" ," Kalsharpadosh" , "Sondosh"," Wifedosh","Nadidosh","Manglik dosh" , " Mantradosh","Evail Dosh"  &  Others Any Type Of Dosh then in that case there can be  some deviations in his/her  Astro-prediction with Used Gems Work  Result and Ratna Jyoti will by no means   be held responsible for any such deviation neither will Ratna Jyoti be answerable 
     to that  indivisual regarding the same. 
3. Your  Next  any Consultancy fees 100% Free !!!!!  (up to 7 Days from First Visiting Date for Only This File). 
4. After 7 Days Your any Consultancy Fees (Only This File), Only 20% of Our  New Running Minimum fees.
5. Our Astro Predict File Reprinting Charges Only 40%  on  File Amount.
6. You  Paid Only New / Extra Balance Amount  for Others File or Subject Judgment or  File Upgrade Judgment Charges.  
7. Palm Judgment & Remedy is Must  Change / Vary Time to Time. 
8. Our Astro Predict File Reprinting Charges Only 40% on  File Amount. 
9. Money (Fees/Service/ Product Amount ) Cannot Be Refund or Exchanged For Our Any  Product Once Sold with  any Subject / Cause . 
10.Please at Frist Details Read Our applying Ruls-Regulation ,Term & Conditaion , Privacy, Refund &  Cancellation Policy from our website.


You Direct Visit & Free Download Your Astro Consultancy File with any Direct online  Consultancy to