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Terms of Use
Welcome to the portal https://www.ratnajyoti.com ( Website ). The content of this Website is the property of Ratna Jyoti Trading Company.The Company is in the business of selling Loose Diamonds and gemstone, jewellery, precious jewellery and other products with Astrology Consultancy via this Website (Services).




1.We Used to Sell Stone with 100% Guarantee Duly Tested & Verifyed with Certified By G.S.I / GIA / IGI / RJL / HRD / AGS With More International Reg.Lab.
2. Money Cannot be Refund or exchange for our any product once sold.
3. Diamond , Diamond Jewellery,Ruby,Sapphire Group Gems  with Platinum,Gold,Silver is our Returnable Product But Our Others any Product are not Returnable.
4. Others Any Product are not Returnable (Without Diamond , Diamond Jewellery, Ruby,Sapphire Group Gems with Platinum,Gold,Silver ).
5. Diamond and Diamond Jewellery are our life time Returnable Product, But Ruby,Sapphire Group Gems Return up to One Yeal From Saleing Date.
6. If Our Any Returnable Product(Only Returnable Diamond & Gems) Price Below Rs.10000/-are not taken back (Only Any One Product Price).
7. If Our Any Returnable Product Price above Rs.10000/- must be Returned within 7 days with a Deduction of 10%On Product Total value.
8. If Return upto 1 Month, the Deduction must  be up to 20% On Product Total value.
9. If Return uoto 3 Months, the Deduction must  be up to 25%On Product Total value.
10. If Return upto 6 Months, the Deduction must  be up to 35%On Product Total value.
11. If Return upto 12 Months, the Deduction must  be up to 50% On Product Total value.
12. After 12 Months Any Gems cannot be Return with Refund for any Cause (Except Certified Diamond).
13. Any Mark or Crack, Broken,Rubbed on the Stone will not be taken back.(Cause It May be Highly Cost).  But in any VIP condition it will taken back, then it will taken with a deduction of 55%On Product Total Value.
14.All such returns are subject to remaining of shape,weight,Colour,Clarity,Polish etc..
15.Our Ratna Jyoti's Offers Stone or any Gift or that may be, is not taken Back & Return after sale.
16.Any Type of Discount Offers Time> If you Purchase any Returnable Gems-so that Gems if Returned the Deduction of Total =Upper Terms wise % of Product        
     Value+Discount Offer %.
17. In Case of Party Return the Stone withour full paidin Ratna jyoti,in that case 53% Deduction will be cut from Product total value.
18.Certified Diamond is our any or  Life Time Returnable Product and all time( From After 7 Days up to Life Time) Deduction of 20%On Product Total value.
19.Hallmark(22K / 24K)Gold or White Gold,Platinum with Silver is any or all Time Returnable and no Deduction for that  Metal of that day new order.
20.In any condition, money & any advance amount can not be refund, but if the stone will return, according to theabove rule Ratna Jyoti will give a money deposite slip to the customer and that money will less at the time of purchessing any stone or goods but in any condition money will not be refundable.
21.If any customer wants to less the deposite money at the time of purchessing another stones or goods, he/she will must bring the money deposite slip with him/her.
22.If in any case the stone return bill & deposite slip has lost Ratna Jyoti will not take any responsibility about the amount and with money deposite slip the claim of
    that amount will be refused.
23.After buying a stone if the customer wants to return in before binding within 24 hours then there must be deduction of TAX AMOUNT &100 rupees for the papers
    and computer charge.
24.Both advance and goods will be cancel due to un withdrawall order goods within one month.
25.All returns will be effective if our cash memo and bill other allied papers are returned(if issued by us).
26.In the case of a judgement of any stone only GSI / GIA / IGI / HRD / AGS with any International reg. Lab.with Reg. Lab Testing Certificate  but any others Private Lab Report
    will not be considered.
27.If any negative report in respect of any stones sold by us comes from ‚GSI / GIA / IGI / HRD / AGS with any International reg. Lab., then 100% of the price of Total Gem  Value + Rs.25,000/-INR will be paid only after re-investigations and test by us. So Reports & Products must be deposit at RATNA JYOTI within  7 days from the date of delivery.
28.Our Products in the case of Negative Report it must be Claim within 7 Days from the date of delivery.
29.After 7 days directly or indirectly relating of the stone tested or for any claim or demand are not valid.
30.Silver is any Time Returnable and all time Deduction 35% of Silver Weight.
31. 18k Gold is any Time Returnable and all time 25%  Deduction.
32. 22K & 24K Normal Gold is any Time Returnable and all time 10%  Deduction.
33. Games Making Charges, Tax Amount, Astro Visit Fees, Others Fees with any Service Amount are not  Include and Return Calculate.


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