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Rudraksha can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent. Shastras say rudraksha of nay mukhis can never do any harm to the wearer unlike navratnas. Which have to be carefully chosen. No other necklace or bead is auspicious & powerful as rudraksha.
Use: · Those, who are sinners or who indulge in evil acts, become free from sins if they wear this Rudraksha. · A person, who wears it, becomes ambitious and all his plannings and projects are accomplished. · All the gods and goddesses become propitiated with the person and fulfill all his desires.

Rudraksha is formed by association of two words, “Rudra” & “Akash” Rudra is the name of lord Shiva. Akash means “Tear”. It is said that the planet of Rudraksha is originated from the tear drops of lord Shiva. As per the Vedic.

Rudraksha can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent. Shastras say rudraksha of nay mukhis can never do any harm to the wearer unlike navratnas. Which have to be carefully chosen. No other necklace or bead is auspicious & powerful as rudraksha

Rudraksha came in different mukhis or the clefts or furrows on the surface. Shastras speak of 1 to 14 mukhis rudraksha are used for astrological benefits. Each bead has a different effect on you, depending on the number of mukhis it has. Each rudraksha is very individualistic & has to be carefully matched with one’s horoscope for it to be beneficial.

Tantra, Yantra, Mantra has a very important place for rudraksha. Vedas have given special weightage to rudraksha. As it is belived that rudraksha has originated from the tears of lord Shiva.

Rudraksha have tremendous energy & power. Rudraksha is best known for its biomedical properties & in controlling stress, hypertension & blood pressure.

Rudraksha chain of 108 beads or 54 beads if worn or worshiped provides all types of benefits. Therefore, it is important that Rudraksha should be always respected & keeps pure. One should not touch with dirty hands & must be removed before entering the toilets. It is blessing to mankind.

Rudraksha one who wear on their bodies it is believed that can not be affected by sins. Even if one wear Rudraksha on his body, without doing worship & saying the sacred mantra does not get near any sinful deed or thought.

Rudraksha are worn for their specific benefits. These are much more powerful and can help to achieve wonders, if energized & empowered the write way.

Rudraksha of different mukhis pleases the corresponding planets. It may be sufficient to go in for only those mukhis who ruling planets, cause malefic effects.

Rudraksha Education

How Rudraksha Healing Works

Rudraksha beads, botanically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb, are the seeds of the fruit from Rudraksha trees. Rudraksha trees are found mainly in Indonesia, Nepal, and India. There are clefts on the surface of the beads which are used to characterize the beads. For example, a five facet Rudraksha bead has five clefts on it (shown below on the left). A ten facet Rudraksha bead has ten clefts on it (shown below on the right).

Rudraksha beads are available with 1 to 38 facets. Beads with 1 and 15 to 38 facets are rare. The 5 facet bead is commonly available and thus the most popular due to its effectiveness and economical cost. Yogis wear necklaces called malas (Sanskrit for garland) which typically consist of 108 five facet Rudraksha beads and a larger meru bead. The tassled meru bead is symbolic of the transcended state, and indicates the beginning and end of a cycle. Malas consist of 108 Rudraksha beads because according to Vedic literature, Brahmand (the universe) is made up of 108 elements.

The beneficial powers of Rudraksha beads have been known in Asia for ages and are well documented in traditional and contemporary literature. Due to increasing popularity of Rudraksha malas with the general populace in India, scientific studies have been undertaken in recent years to determine just how Rudraksha Healing works. One of the best known research papers was published by Dr. Suhas Roy of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Banaras, India.

Dr. Roys research confirmed that the healing powers of Rudraksha beads flow from their electro-magnetic properties. When Rudraksha beads are placed over the heart, they act to stabilize the heart beat. Similar to magnets, the beads work on the principle of Dynamic Polarity. Blood circulation and heart beat automatically induce a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart region. Depending on the polarity and intensity of this induced magnetic field, Rudraksha beads transmit subtle electrical and inductive impulses with opposing polarity and intensity. Accordingly, a proportionate balancing force is exerted on the heart to regulate it if it starts beating above or below normal rates. This action helps to ensure ideal blood circulation in the body.

The human body is a complex bio-electronic circuit comprised of the Central Nervous System and the organs and functions it regulates.

Rough Pattern of current induced by magnetic field in the body. Red shows highest induced currents, Blue the lowest. Rough Pattern of current induced by electric field in the body. Streamlined blood flow has a powerful rejuvenating impact on this circuit and serves to prevent stress-related disorders caused by the damaging effects of excess energy on neurons and neurotransmitters. In essence, Rudraksha beads help bring about the well-known relaxation response which is the ultimate goal of meditation, yoga, tai chi, biofeedback, and countless other Alternative Medicine methodologies.

For thousands of years in India, yogis have worn Rudraksha Beads to experience the deep tranquility and concentration which are vital for meditation and control of mind and body. Under the power of Rudraksha's positive influence, vast amounts of Vedic literature were studied and memorized in ancient India by disciples of spiritual knowledge. In China, Rudraksha is used to enhance the flow of Chi life energy in the body and balance Yin & Yang. The Zen Buddhist sect in Japan uses Rudraksha beads to induce deeper states of meditation.

In recent years, the general populace in India has taken to wearing Rudraksha beads to combat the effects of stress: hypertension, depression, and high blood pressure. Without the harmful side-effects and addictive nature of tranquilizers, anti-depressants, and beta blockers, men and women experience heightened energy levels, stamina, and peace of mind within a few hours of placing Rudraksha beads in direct contact of their chest region. In the long term, Rudraksha beads reverse the effects of stress, alleviate depression, eliminate anxiety and other mood disorders, improve concentration, enhance relaxation, and exhibit anti-aging properties.

Rudraksha Lab Test Report Is Must For Rudraksha Naturality.(Donot Trust A Honest Face Demand A Lab Test Repost/ Certificate)

Rudraksha Education

What about Rudraksha Teating????(Just Below Ex...)

1. Description / Shape        :Roundish Oval Bead
2. Weight (1 Pcs.)                     : 00.000 Carat
3. Num. of Real Face                     : 7 Faces
4. Artificial Face                           : N/A
5. Colour              : Brownish-Perple-Yellowish
6. Luster                                    : Dull
7. Transparency                            : Opage
8. Magnification Observations     : Not Treatment
9. Microscopic Observations        :Natural Layer
10.X-Ray Report (Show AP or Not Show)  :Not Done
11.CT Scanning Test                      :Not Done
12.U.V.Light                                :Incrt
13.Tempreature Test               :Results Confirm
14.Copper Test                     :Results Confirm
15.Water Test                       :Results Confirm
16.Cut Test                  :Not Artificial Line Cut
17.Properties Test                       :Capacitance
18.Specific Gravity                        :1.3-1.6
19.Birefringence                            :None
20.Refractive Index                        :1.52
21.Hardness                                 :4.00
22.Cleavage                                 :None
23.SR / DR                                 :Aggregate
24.Fracture                                  :None
25.Pleochroism                             :None
26.Optic Character                         :None
27.Optic Sign                               :None
28.Spectrum                                 :None
29.Inclusions                :Fibrous Growth Marks
30.Simulants (Imitation Wooden Beads)   :None
31.Colour Treatment                       :None
32.Species                                  :Rudraksha
33.Mounted                               :Unmounted    
34.Chemical :50.031% Carbon+0.950% Nitrogen+
               17.890% Hydrogen+30.530& Oxygen
        [Al,Ca,Cl,Cu,Ni,Fe,Mg,Mn,P,K,Na,s & Zn]         
35.Measurements(Bead Size)             :Not Done
36.Visual Inspection                       :Yes
37.Natural Hole                            :Yes
38.Cryst.Comp.:- Organic , Seed of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus
39.Habit                                     :None
40.Other Characteristics :Show Natural Seads and
                                  Natural Compartment
***.Comments: Natural Origen Rudraksha       




Rudraksha is mainly available in Nepal, India (Himalaya) & Malaysia.

Legend of Rudraksha Rudraksha is actually two words Rudr meaning lord shiva in a wrathful form and Aksha means eyes The story of Rudraksha is as unique as the divine seed itself Shiva Purana describe Rudraksha s origin as Lord Shiva`s tears. He had been meditating for many years for the welfare of all creatures. On opening the eyes, hot drops of tears rolled down and the mother earth gave birth to Rudraksha trees. Lord Lord Siva is responsible for creation, evolamesution and dissolution. Lord Siva dances creation out of existence at the end of time and then after an appropriate time He destroys the silence itself by dancing and the activity of His dance gives rise to the appearance of Narayana and causes creation Siva we are able to come to a state where we stop identifying with the Relative aspect of ourselves again. Siva has many aspects indicated by His 1,008 names Through the grace of Lord and come to know our true identity as one with the Absolute.

This is the death of death itself. This is immortality. It is the total destruction of all limitation and all sorrow in our lives and this miracle can only be brought about by the power of Lord Siva. That is why He is called Lord Siva the Auspicious One.Humans as you know are always in trouble because of there past karmic deeds The lure for the material things also causes more and more miseries to human beings Mind body and the soul all suffer due to this particular lust for material gains He destroys our limitations and our fears. He is the very embodiment of total kindness. He is the Lord of Yogis presiding over Transcendental Knowledge Rudraksha has inherent and immense power to resolve these problems if worn with reverence and complete faith in Lord Shiva .Om Nama Sivaya. Lord Siva is also known as Rudra and the Lord of Tears. The meaning of the name Rudra is traceable to the Vedas and said to be derived from rud (dravayita) he who drives away sin or suffering.Lord shiva explained the exemplary benefits of Rudraksha which was passed to the mankind for there benefits

Eight different aspects of nature are the direct manifestations of Rudra and they are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, The Sun, The Moon and the Life Force. Anything good and auspicious, anything that keeps us healthy and happy and anything that helps us attain freedom from pain and misery is Rudra. The medicalvalue of Rudraksha enormous and has been a great boon to natural herbalists It bestows the wearer with spiritual knowledge

Importance of Rudraksha `Mlechkhho Vaapi chandalo Yukto Va sarvapaatakai, Rudraksha Dharayedyastu Sa Rudra Natra sanshaya`. ---The men who are Mlechchha,chandaal (impious and inhumane) or he who is full of all kinds of vices get the form of Lord Rudra. There is no suspicion about it.

Dhyaan dharan Heenoapi Rudraksham Dharaya Budhah, Sarvapaap Vinirmukto sa yaati, Paramam gatim. --- A man with meditation and perseverance and a wise man who wears Rudraksha gets rid of all the sins and attains the supreme goal of the human life.

Shiva Poojayam Asya Mala Dharana ma vashyakam` --- It means that Rudraksha mala must be worn at the time of worshipping Lord Shiva

Rudraksha Kewalam Waapi Yatra Kutra Mahamate, Sumantrakam Wa Mantren Rahitam Bhava Varjitam``Yo Wa ko Wa naro Bhaktya Dharyellajjayaapi Wa, Sarvapaap Vinirmukta Samyagjnanam An Wapnuyaat` --- Rudraksha can be worn by chanting mantra or without chanting it, with reverence or without it, with devotion or without it, i.e. with whatsoever procedure a man who wears Rudraksha gets rid of all kinds of sins and gets knowledge well.

Shiva bhaktya shantaya dadyadrudrakshashuttaman, Tasya Punyaphal syantam nacha ha vaktumats the Dhritrudraksha kanthaya yastvanna sam pryachchhatitri Saptakula mudadhritya Rudraalokam sa gachchhati.`--- A Shiv bhakta i.e. devotee of Lord Shiva wears Rudraksha for peace. If the wearer of the Rudraksha dies, he does not take another birth, he reaches the kingdom of Rudra after providing salvation to all orders of his ancestors.

A man who wears Rudraksha with Pearls, Coral, Crystal, Silver, Gold or other precious stone, takes the form of Lord Shiva. The devotee, who worships Lord Shiva in the form of Rudraksha devotedly, becomes a king in spite of being poor.

Arudrakshadharo Bhootwa yadyat Karmach Vaidikam, Karoti Japahomaadi tat sarwe nisphalam bhavet` --- A man who perform Vedic rituals, chanting mantras, yajnas etc without wearing Rudraksha, gets no virtue or fruit.

Snane dane jape home vaishvadeva surarchne, Prayashchite tatha shraadhde deeksha kaale visheshatah, Arudraksha Dharo Bhootwa yat kimchit karma vaidikim, Kurvan viprastu Mohen NarakepatatiDhruwam.` --- Failing to wear Rudraksha , a man who performs religious deeds/bathing, worshipping god Vishwadeva and performing shraadhda karmas (deeds for bygone souls) , at initiation, falls prey to innocence and worldly attachment and at last falls into hell i.e. his down-fall comes. It is the reason why a man should wear Rudraksha while performing religious activities.

The wearer of Rudraksha not only makes Lord Shiva happy but pleases Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, Ganesh, Kaartikey, Durga, Indra, Aditya and the ruling deities of the nine planets. No men, seers and scholars are tired of describing the importance of Rudraksha. Rudraksha is very much dear to Lord Shiva. No body can imagine the image of Lord Shiva without Rudraksha. Seeing, chanting and worshipping Rudraksha burns all the sins to ashes. A man can feel unlimited pleasure only by seeing Rudraksha. The wishers of devotion and salvation should wear it after purifying themselves. Mainly the devotees of Lord Shiva must wear it because it removes their numerous pains, sorrows, and calamities. Rudraksha fulfills all the wishes. It is the dearest ornament to Lord Shiva. If an innocent, un devoted and immoral man wears Rudraksha with love and faith, he gets rid of all sins and attains the supreme goal. As long as a man keeps wearing Rudraksha, he does not fear untimely death. He cannot die without completing his span of life. At the time of death he gets the true knowledge of Lord Shiva and His abode too. One should wear Rudraksha by all bits of efforts. Rudraksha Beads have been worn by mankind for thousands of years for good health, religious attainment through Japa and Shakti (power) and for the fearless life.

Wherever Rudraksha is worshipped the Goddess of wealth always stays there.

One can escape from untimely death by wearing Rudraksha.

Rudraksha assists in awakening of Kundilini (the self pleasure point).

Rudraksha is helpful for worldly and heavenly attainments.

Rudraksha can make the whole family live together in peace and harmony.

Rudraksha is best known for its biomedical properties and in controlling stress, hypertension and blood pressure.

Rudraksha help increase Self power and invoke Self love. They also enhance the Charisma of the wearer.

Rudraksha can cure various dangerous diseases like small pox, epilepsy, whooping cough etc.and heal the most poisonous wounds, if used as a prescription, in a specified method.
br/> It gives peace of mind to the wearer, stimulates the mind and sharpens the intellect.

Biomedical Biological Properties of Rudraksha

The beneficial powers of Rudraksha are by virtue of its Electrical and Magnetic Biological Properties

1. Electric Biological Properties - Rudraksha beads act as dielectric (i.e.) as a storage of electrical energy. This property of Rudraksha makes it capable in stabilizing and anchoring the Bioelectric current. The values are measured in units of Farad. This property is very helpful in controlling hyperactivity, palpitations of heart, streamlining heartbeat etc. Due to stress when there is increased physical activity heart beats faster and the overall activity of hormones and nervous system increases. This causes increased energy levels or increase in potential difference. As a result of this the magnitude of the Bioelectric Current increases. Rudraksha beads acting as Dielectric stores this excess Bioelectric Energy, thereby streamlining the overall activity to Normalcy. There is a third element to the Body and Brain that is Bio Electronic circuit Interface, that of the mind. Any activity that can produce stress or maladjustment can throw the streamlined activity, the Electronic circuit of the Body& Mind out of gear. Human beings and all living beings are prone to stress continuously in the continuous fight for survival and prosperity and resistance. Rudraksha beads of particular Mukhis or Facets have a definitive Factor of Resistance. It is measured in Ohms. When these beads resist the flow of bioelectrical impulses to a specific or a particular brain chemical, thereby by effecting specific positive changes in personality. It is well proven that the state of mind and our personality is governed almost completely by the Brain; it’s functioning and that of Central Nervous System. There is continuous and subtle flow of bioelectrical signal throughout the body due to potential difference between parts of the Body. When these beads resist the flow of bioelectrical impulses a specific ampere of current flow is generated depending on the factor of resistance. This acts in tandem with heartbeat, streamlining it and sending out specific impulses to brain. These impulses stimulate certain positive brain chemicals. Making us feel better, more confidents, poised and more energetic.

2. Capacitance or the Dielectric Biological Properties - Rudraksha beads act as dielectric (i.e.) as a storage of electrical energy. This property of Rudraksha makes it capable in stabilizing and anchoring the Bioelectric current. The values are measured in units of Farad. This property is very helpful in controlling hyperactivity, palpitations of heart, streamlining heartbeat etc. Due to stress when there is increased physical activity heart beats faster and the overall activity of hormones and nervous system increases. This causes increased energy levels or increase in potential difference. As a result of this the magnitude of the Bioelectric Current increases and Rudraksha beads act as Dielect. In modern age with intense competition the Stress levels have increased tremendously. Almost every individual has problems of Stress and Stress related ailments like insomnia, alcoholism, depression, Maladjustments, heart diseases, skin diseases etc. Any Doctor will confirm that almost 95% of the ailments are Psychosomatic or Stress related (i.e.) originating from Mind. When there is Stress or Maladjustment corresponding Stress signals are sent to the Central Nervous systems, there is an increased activity or abnormality of Neurons and Neuro transmitters. The magnitude of change will depend on the cause and specific case. When such a thing occurs and it occurs continuously, streamlined flow of electrical signals throughout the Mind-Body interface is disrupted and it makes us feel uncomfortable and we are not able to act with our full efficiency. Our Blood circulation becomes Non-ideal and we feel various illnesses. Unfortunately this happens all the time. As long as the flow of Bioelectricity is smooth the body functions normally and we have the feeling of being in control. As long as the flow of Bioelectricity is smooth the body functions normally and we have the feeling of being in control.

3. Inductance - Rudraksha beads by it have permanent magnetic Biological Properties. They have been observed to send out Inductive vibrations with frequencies measured in units of Henry (Volt Seconds/Ampere). This perhaps is the reason why people have felt better even when Rudraksha beads do not touch them physically. Magnetic Biological Properties -Rudraksha beads have Both Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic with the most important property of Dynamic Polarity. We all are most probably aware of the beneficial healing Biological Properties of magnets. Magnetic Healing is becoming extremely popular off late and everyone who have been using magnets for healing have been getting the benefits and found overall betterment and rejuvenation. Rudraksha beads retain most of the Biological Properties of Magnets but it is unparallel in one aspect, that of the ability to change it`s polarity or the Property of Dynamic Polarity. The basic way of healing is based on the fact that when the passage of arteries and veins which carry blood to and from Heart to all the parts of the body is blocked or reduced due to variety of reasons, various illnesses creep. Blood carries oxygen and energy to various parts of the body and cleanses it off waste materials. Any disruption of the smooth flow of Blood circulation is bound to cause illnesses. As long as the flow of Bioelectricity is smooth the body functions normally and we have the feeling of being in control.

Rudraksha beads act as a Stabilizing Anchor.

We experience pain and uneasiness due to improper blood circulation. Every cell in the blood as well as the Arteries and veins are charged either positively or negatively. Magnets have the poles Positive (+) and Negative (-).

When magnets are passed on various parts of the body the opposite poles of the magnets and that of cells get attracted and there is an expansion of the passage .The Arteries and veins open up to facilitate streamlined blood circulation. When there is a streamlining of blood circulation most of the illnesses get automatically healed and we feel better and rejuvenated.

But with magnets the polarity is fixed. When magnets are brought near a particular part of the body it opens up only those sections of veins and arteries where there is a matching of polarities hence complete healing and streamlining of blood circulation cannot be ensured. We experience healing and feel better but we can still go much further with Dynamic Polarity of Rudraksha beads.

Rudraksha has the ability to Change its polarity-The property of Dynamic Polarity. This in turn is by virtue of its property, Diamagnetism. Diamagnetism is termed as the ability of any material to acquire temporary magnetic property in presence of an external magnetic field. The polarity of the charge induced is opposite to that of the external field inducing the charge. Blood circulation and heart beat automatically induces a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart Region. Bioelectricity automatically gives raise to Biomagnetism Depending on the polarity of the Induced magnetic field. Rudraksha bead acquires a polarity that is opposite of the inducing field. As a result of this the opening up the passages of Arteries and Veins are far better than that of magnets. Much better healing and rejuvenation is experienced.

Various Literatures mention of powerful Anti Ageing Biological Properties of Rudraksha beads This is mainly because of the Dynamic Polarity of the Rudraksha bead thus the healing powers of Rudraksha are far superior to that of Magnets. In some sense Rudraksha beads can be termed to have some additional life or Intelligence as against Magnets.

Rudraksha---------Uses in Various Diseases

Ayurveda considers rudraksha a great medicine. It is warm and nonacid tic as well as humid in temperament; some persons regard it cold also. It tastes bitter. It is used not only to wear on different parts of the body, but it can also be used as Oral medicine and for besmearing externally. Many doctors, Vaidyas, scientists and ascetics use it.

It destroys worms and it gives brilliancy to the body. It cures tri dosha namely Vaat (air), Pitta (bile) and cough automatically. Rudraksha is a good medicine for skin diseases. In leprosy of both the kinds it can be used. It effects as a medicine to cure sores, ringworm, pimples, boils and it is useful in burns also. It is also useful for women in pregnancy.

Rudraksha is the most useful for the persons having blood pressure. It does not let it go up or down. It keeps the B.P. normal. For this Rudraksha rosary should be worn so close that it should touch the heart. It is sure that its wearer can never fall prey to a sudden heart attack, shrinking of heart or brain hemorrhage. The patient of blood pressure should keep the five faced Rudraksha in water filled in a glass vessel throughout the night and should drink it as soon as he gets up in the morning. By doing so the person would have normal Blood pressure. Put a rudraksha in a copper pot filled with water at night to drink in the morning to benefit against heart troubles and constipation. It cures ulcers if applied in paste made after scrubbing in water.

The children, who are mostly sick with fever, should wear three faced Rudraksha. In Chechak (typhus) Rudraksha and black pepper having equal weight should be ground and sieved through a cloth-sieve. This powder should be drunk with stale water to cure chechak.

Cough is cured fully if the powder of ten faced Rudraksha is rubbed and licked with milk thrice a day.

Hysteria, Coma, Leucorrhoea and female diseases related to genital organs can be cured by wearing 3 (three) beads of six faced Rudraksha. All the diseases relating to the mind and brain are cured by drinking milk that is boiled with four faced Rudraksha. It helps enhance the memory also. It is useful in all phlegm and wind related disorders.

Rudraksha*********Wearing Rudraksha for the first time

Wearing rudraksha as per Padma Purana, it should be bathed in Panchgavya i.e. five produces of cow – milk, urine, dung, curd and ghee. Panchamrit i.e. cow milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar .The panchgavya can be dispensed with but not panchamrit. Then chant the following pran pratitha hymn at least nine times or for the better 108 times. Om trayambkam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam urvarukamiv bandhanamrityormukshiya mamritat om haum aghore ghore hum ghortare hum om him Sri Sarvatah sarvadig namaste rudrarupe hum It should followed by own hymn of the specific mukhi rudraksha beads at least nine times.

Rudraksha Education