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Ratna (SSL Secure Site) is India's & International finest Best online Certified Diamond & Gems store. With a network of global vendors, we offer loose Certified Diamonds , Gems & Rudraksha, and over 500 ready-to-choose designs for rings, pendants, earrings and Bracelets . All our Diamond are certified by international labs like GSI, RJL ,GIA, IGI, HRD and AGS. Our prices are up to lower than at other retailers in India. Our clients receive personalized service from our  Certified Diamond-Gems consultants with Astrologer Consultants, can choose from a range of payment , and enjoy free ECS & EMI Option  , insured delivery anywhere in India & International. Safe, convenient and cost-effective, Ratna is revolutionizing how Indians buy Certified Diamond , Diamond jewellery ,Gems and Real Rudraksha with Astrology.

Our Products

1.  Diamond (Hira)
2.  Diamond Wedding set
3.  Diamond Ring
4.  Diamond Pendant
5.  Diamong Earring
6.  Diamond Braslet
7.  Diamond setting Bangles
8.  Diamond Tabiz
9.  Pearl Wedding set
10.Pearl Ring
11.Pearl Earring
12.Pearl setting Bangles
13.Pearl Pendant
14.Pearl Braslet
15.Pearl Loket
16.Pearl Tabiz
17.Ruby, Amithyst, Zarcon ,Emerald Setting Ornaments & Jewellery
18.Rudraksha Mala
19.All Face Real Certified Rudraksha
20.Blue Sapphire (Nila / Neelam)
21.Cat's Eye (Baidurajmoni / Lahasunia)
22.Emerald (Markat Moni / Panna)
23.Gold, Silver, Metals Jewellery
24.Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)
25.Pearl (Mukta / Moti)
26.Precious Topaz (Pusparag Moni )
27.Red Coral (Lal Munga / Lal Prabal )
28.Ruby(Padmaragmoni-old burma ruby)
29.Ruby(Pink Sapphire-New Burma Ruby)
30.Spinel (Chunni)
31.Yellow Sapphire ( Pit Pokhraj )
32.White Coral(Sada Munga / Prabal)
33.Semi-Precious Ad (cubick zarcon)
34.Semi-Precious Amithyst (sandhyamoni)
35.Semi-Precious Aquamarin
36.Semi-Precious Citrine (Sunela)
37.Semi-Precious Crystal (Sphatick)
38.Semi-Precious Flurite Panna
39.Semi-Precious Garnet
40.Semi-Precious Hematites
41.Semi-Precious Iolite ( Nili )
42.Semi-Precious Kyenite ( Kainai Nila )
43.Semi-Precious Kanjam Ruby
44.Semi-Precious Kidney Stone
45.Semi-Precious Lapis Lazuli( Rajpatta )
46.Semi-Precious Moon Stone
47.Semi-Precious Neffrite Panna
48.Semi-Precious Onex Panna
49.Semi-Precious Paridot
50.Semi-Precious Star Ruby
51.Semi-Precious Tiger Eye
52.Semi-Precious Turmulin
53.Semi-Precious Zircon (Baikranta Moni)

Our Services

1.  Horoscope(Kundali / Thikuji / Kusti) Make with Judgment.
2.  Numerology Full Judgment.
3.  Hand (Palm) Reading with Judgment.
4.  All Type Vastu all Consultant.
5.  Lal Kitab wise Judgment.
6.  Hora and Horari Judgment.
7.  Gemology Education Wise Prediction.
8.  Daily Result Astrology Prediction.
9.  Krishna Murti -Jainimi - Parasara,Bhrigu Math.Use for Judgment.
10.Panchasara Judgment.   
11.Prashna Lagna Judgment.
12.Daily Result Judgment.  
13.Muhurta Judgment
14.Barsafal(Yearly-Monthly Date Wise Result).
15.Rashi wise Result Prediction.
16.Samudrik wise  Judgment.
17.Naksha wise Result Prediction.
18.Any Quatation Lagna Prediction.
19.Dashabarga wise Power Judgment.
20.Dharma and Karma Judgment.
21.Asstabarga Wise  Judgment.
22. Education and Profession Life.
23.Marriage and Marriage Life Judgment.
24.Name,Gulik/Kalbela, YamBela.
25.Kaalsarpa yog Judgment With Remedy.
26.Mangalik dosh Judgment With Remedy.
27.All Type Yoga Judgment.
28.State of Health Position Judgment.
29.House Prediction.
30.Satru and Mitra with all Yoga Prediction.
31.Travel Position Prediction.
32.Characterstics with Mental Position.
33.Service Life & Money Position Judgment.
34.Bimsotori Dasha Details Judgment.
35. Saturn-Rahu Dasa Details Judgment.
36. Sare-Sati Sani Judgment.
37.Yogini and Bhrigu Dasa Judgment.
38.Sarosattori Dasa Details Judgment.
39.Name Analysis For Life Live Path.
40.We Try All Type Confirm Remedy.
41.Diamond Testing Lab.
42.Gem Testing Lab.
43.Rudraksha Testing Lab.
44.Gemology Education.
45.Astrology Education.

Price and Budget
Ratna jyoti has an online store front and does not have to spend on setting up swanky retail stores. We thus save on the various overheads that go into setting up a showroom. We can afford to pass on this advantage to our customers in terms of better pricing.
The online model also allows us to work with minimum inventory and provides further savings on inventory carrying costs. Therefore our business model allows us to save costs in multiple ways and we are able to offer you the best prices without compromising on product quality. This makes our diamonds and jewellery valuable investments, and brings them within the reach of many budgets.

Largest Range
Ratna jyoti has tied up with most of the reputed diamond & Gems suppliers in India and abroad. This enables us to give you the choice of selecting from over 10000 diamonds & Gems . In real terms, you would have to cover hundreds of miles and visit dozens and dozens of stores in order to have a comparable choice. Ratna jyoti is thus bringing the entire marketplace to you at the click of a mouse.

Shopping Convenience
Ratna jyoti gives you the choice of shopping online without stepping out of your home. The CaratLane store never shuts down and is open to customers 24X7. Imagine visiting a thousand stores at any time of the day as per your convenience – impossible in real terms! Moreover, buying online saves you the trouble of dressing up to go shopping. With Ratna jyoti the store comes home and you can shop as per your convenience without any makeover.

Informed Shopping
Ratna jyoti is committed to helping you find the best product for the price you pay, and be completely satisfied with your purchase. We want to de-mystify the complicated world of diamonds and Gems. We try to make you the expert through our resources and guides. We also help you find the best fit for taste and budget.
This makes us your accomplices in shopping, not sellers selling to you. Look at our comprehensive resources to help you make your decision. Ask our dedicated customer service team any further queries you have.

Buying from Ratna jyoti : Some bonuses

Delivery and Logistics
Ratna jyoti has the logistics in place through tie-ups with reputed courier companies to help you achieve the fastest connection with the item you buy. Our business is driven by an understanding of the value of time in todays world, not by a traditional mindset where a customer is dependent on the pace of a jeweler. Your purchase is delivered to you within 15 working days of placing the order – a timeline that any store will find tough to match. You get your product at home, and no longer need to make another trip to collect your jewelry.

Return and Exchange policy
Ratna jyoti offers you the flexibility to exchange your mount if you donÂ’t like it ( within 7 working days of delivery). You can return readymade jewelry with no questions asked (if done within 7 working days). We offer these because we want to make sure the product really makes you happy, and we have an enduring relationship with you as our customer. However, such exchanges will be subject to certain terms and conditions.

Quality and Workmanship
Ratna jyoti has the manufacturing back up to give you quality products to your exact specifications. While we save on the costs of having a very large workforce with varying degrees of skill and specialization, we have our manufacturing facility to maintain strict quality standards, and use scientific automated processes to deliver flawless jewelry of the highest quality, with no margin for human error. Our jewellery satisfies the most exacting international standards for design and quality.

When you buy from Ratna jyoti , you are not being palmed off with a store certificate that is invalid elsewhere. You get diamonds certified by the best labs . Our diamonds& Gems have internationally recognized certifications by the best labs in the world – GSI,RJLGIA,IGI,AGS and HRD. Our certificates have global acceptance and recognition.

Styling and Design
Ratna jyoti is well in tune with changing tastes and trends. We keep pace with the demand for diamonds to be worn on a variety of everyday and special occasions. This is one of the reasons why you have a wide choice of contemporary, classic and modern designs with our mounts and settings, including the latest international designs. You will never make a fashion faux pas with our products and designs.

Safe and secure.
We're dedicated to ensuring your data security. We've developed sophisticated antifraud and monitoring systems, and we work closely with partners such as  SSL, Sitelock Secure, and GEO-TRUST to keep your online shopping experience secure. None of your personal information is required to make a payment and we store as little of your data as possible (which sucks for our marketing guys, but oh well).

Compare the Ratna jyoti advantage with your other diamond & Gems buying options:

When you decide to buy a diamond / Gems, you could look at diamonds/ Gems online.Most diamond sites serve as a catalogue or shop window for readymade items, not custom-made pieces. Such sites usually do not have any manufacturing back-up. Strong on contemporary design, such websites mainly cater to the demand for low-priced jewellery, not fine pieces.
The trust you have built up over the years may make you head to your local jeweler.Searching in earnest, you may find that most of the jewelry is too ornate for everyday wear. In addition, you are bound to notice the inevitable overheads that are adding to the price of your diamond - the high inventory, shop ambience and setting, advertising and management costs. With local jewelers, you have the advantage of being able to touch and feel the diamond you are buying, but this comes alongside the high margins you have to pay on the price.
Corporate jewelry chains, and contemporary jewelry sold at malls offer other options to buy gold and diamonds with contemporary styling. With these, you have the advantage of being able to touch and feel your purchase, but face the limitations of product design and high margins on overheads, often making the price higher than actual value.
Contemporary lifestyle stores selling perfumes, watches, cosmetics and jewelry also offer precious merchandise, but if your heart is set on the perfect diamond, you may feel as if your search is being limited by these venues.

Deciders: Why Ratna Jyoti customers remain loyal

We know you will seek out Ratna jyoti time and again because:

• You can shop for a very wide range of products that include rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

• All our products are crafted only from the highest quality (best certification) of diamonds and Gems, ensuring you receive the best value for your money.

• Our prices reflect only the true value of the diamond/Gems, or jewellery itself, without having the advertising and overheads that add to the price.

• Impulse buying and carefully planned purchases are both equally easy on our site with our prices ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 4 lakhs and even higher.

• We offer a very large selection of diamonds,Gems, Rudraksha, settings and readymade jewellery.

• Our products are made to order, and we donot have any inventory. This not only adds to the uniqueness of the product you receive, it means you are not paying for us to maintain our extra stock.

• When you use our resources, you make an informed jewellery purchase with the relevant information you need to make a decision that stands the test of time.

Before shipping you must be Cancel your any order.

Placing Your Order over phone
To place an order over the phone call Ratna Jyoti at 03412668022. Our customer service associates will help you make this purchase. They will answer all your queries about the product so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. You will be required to mention the stock number of the product you wish to purchase.

Order Placement
After you have decided to buy a product on Ratna Jyoti, you can request for an order form for that product. This order form with all the details of your selected product will be either faxed/ e-mailed/couriered to you depending on whatever is convenient for you. You can place you order by signing on the form and sending it back to us by fax/courier. This form will confirm your acceptance to purchase the product.. The order at this point will still be temporary. It will be confirmed and sent for processing only on receipt of payment

Order Form
The order form will have a picture of the Ratna jyoti product and all its details. The customer will be required to provide his contact information including Name, Shipping Address, Billing Address, Name of recipient in case of gift, contact number , email id and mode of payment.( for payment options , please see next paragraph)

Order Confirmation and Payment Options
The order will be confirmed and sent for processing once Caratlane is in receipt of your payment.
There are three payment options:

Cheque has to be in favour of [ RATNA JYOTI ]payable at Bahula. It can either be deposited in your local Axis Bank/ HDFC Bank / SBI Bank / PNB Bank / UCO Bank/Bandhan Bank or sent to us at Bahula(Near Netaji Statue), Dist-Burdwan, State-West Bengal, India,Pin-713322.

Demand Draft
Demand Draft (DD) has to be in favour of [ RATNA JYOTI ] payble at Bahula.Please send it to us at Bahula(Near Netaji Statue), Dist-Burdwan, State-West Bengal, India,Pin-713322.

Online Funds Transfer
After you place your order, CaratLane will give you the account information that you will need to provide to your bank in order to transfer funds from your account directly to a Ratna Jyoti account. It may take a few days for your bank to process the Funds Transfer. Once your bank has transferred the funds, Ratna Jyoti is immediately notified and your purchase is processed. If you have any questions about the process involved in a Funds Transfer, contact your bank or call Ratna Jyoti at 03412668022.
Please note: For orders placed over the phone, the cheque or D.D. has to be received by us within 7 days. After the 7th day the order automatically stands cancelled.

Order & Shipment Confirmation
Once you place your order and payment is received, we will call and inform you of your order number. We will also send you a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive the confirmation email, contact us directly at 03412668022 or e-mail us at Please do mention your order number.
Once Ratna Jyoti ships your order, you will receive another confirmation email indicating when you should expect to receive your package.

Special Requests
If you have a special request for an item of jewelry, donot hesitate to call one of our jewelry consultants at 03412668022 / +91 9732150484 for assistance. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for more details.