Ratna Jyoti : Benefits of Amethyst / Sandhyamoni

Amethyst is the rarest form of quartz. It is very popular and although it is the rarest form of quartz,it is fairly common in the world.It is Worn to Protect Evil Effect of Saturn.Amethyst is a Semi-Precious Gem But Gives Tremendous Benefits to the Wearer.

Benefits of Amethyst
OCCURRENCE:   Sri-Lanka,Thailand,Burma,India,Brazil,Australia,USA,Tanzania,Madagascar,Cambodia,Bangkok.

1.Cell-Growth Promotion: F ar-Infrared radiation is known to promote cell-growth and cell-regeneration.Scientific studies have shown that by increasing the infrared radiation level in your body,you will have more energy to grow & regrow cells in your Body.
The benefit of far-infrared radiation is that its wavelengths are very long,but enough to provide them with life-giving energy.

2.Sleeping Aid: W e also know from experiments with animals and humans that far-infrared regulation has what scientists call a sleep modulator effect.The low level of heat emitted by Amethyst crystals can help to calm your body, and help you sleep.

3.Blood-Circulation Enhancement: Far-infrared radiation has been proven to aid blood-circulation,particularly what is called  microcirculation among the capillaries in your skin.For a while scientists believed that it was merely having heat around you that
aided microcirculation,but a recent study has shown that is not true.Far-infrared radiation is more ably suited than mere  conductive  heat in promoting increased and more effective blood circulation.

4.Better Circulation of Bodily Fluids: B lood is not the only bodily fluid whose motility or circulation ability is increased by far -infrared radiation.Far-infrared radiation increases the flexibility of your blood vessels generally speaking,as a result,everything in the body reaches its destination more quickly. It also helps to speed up your overall fluid transportation.

5.Increased Anti-Oxidant Activity: W e all know the benefits of antioxidants. They help us fight the aging process.Well,itturns out that far-infrared radiation promotes antioxidant production in the body. To think that Amethest Gemstone canactually help produce antioxidants! It is really impressive. And it appears to work through the low-level heating process,although we do not do not understand the mechanism behind it well yet.

6.Healing Power for Wounds: B e cause far infrared radiation increases the bodys circulatory power,it can help wounds to heal by bringing cells the nutrients they need to repair themselves. Far infrared radiation helps to repair tissue that is damaged as a
result of diabetes mellitus,reconstructive surgeries or other chronic and acute damage.Prevention of the Follwing Diseasea:-Paralysis,Astma,Teeth Problmes, any Bones-Problems,Nerves,Harmonic Gland,Spinalcord-Diseases.

7.The Benefits of Amethyst Generated Negative Ion Emission,Negative Ions are free electrons or any simple molecule with a net negative charge.Ions are broken molecules with special electrical properties. Since they are  broken they naturally seekout other molecules and compounds that they can combine with.For this reason, negative ions are able to draw other particlesif they are found in large enough concentrations.Thus negative ion emission can draw bad particular and  free radicals out of your body. Amethyst crystals emit negative ions and can bring about the benefits of negative ion emission. Here arethree major benefits of negative ions.Removing Toxic Particles from the Body,Negative ions will attract many toxic particles.From within Foot Pads negative ion emission from Amethyst Crystal powder will help to draw many different particlesout of your body.Studies have shown that it does not matter the size of the particles, whether they are small or very smallnegative ions may assist in pulling them out of your body.

8.Enhancing Respiration:We also know that because negative ions have the power to draw out toxic particles, it aids inrespiration by removing these particles from your lungs.Negative ion emission can remove dangerous chemicals like aerosol
from your body just as they can remove them from the air.

9.Amethyst Protects the Warer from Unexpected Happenings and Natural Calamitis and Ensures Greater Financial Stability.

10.People Feel Happier:In one recent study, Far-infrared radiation emitting discs were placed under subjects pillowswhile they slept without their realizing it. Subjects with the radiation emitting discs under their pillows reported astatistically significant increase in their subjective satisfaction levels after several nights with the discs undertheir pillows.This was in comparison with those who had a placebo disc, so as to weed out placebo effects.

11.Amethyst Help also Govern Leatest Perfection,Wisdom,Intergrity,Spiritual Achievement,Humility,Patience,Higest Human Qualities,Long Life,Denials,Misery,Adversity.

12.Amethyst also Protrcts the Wearers against Risks of Accidents and against the Dangers of Fire,Strom & Natural Calamites.Amethyst Should Reflectpure Colour,Be Homogenous and Soft to Touch.

13.It Gives Balanced and Higher-Order Instruction,Balances and Maintains Harmony Between Inner & Outer InputT,Managesand Executes Conplex Systems & Enlivens Activity in the Brain While Guiding Action.It Signifies Highest Order Thinking -Knowledge has Organising Power.

Amethyst Meanly Work for Saturn Planet with works of Stabilizes Mind,Source of Courage and Luck,Brings Love & Harmony,Important Things to Remember, Healing Properties,Liberates From Addictions,tendency to help,spiritual growth,It is also
believed to be a conqueror of all bad habits which calls for crossing limits to arrive at extremities of the wrong end.