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Mahamahopadhyay Acharya Dr. Pijush Sashtri(PhD)

Ratna Jyoti does all the complex astronomical and  algorithmic calculations with astrology Predictions and all type astro-matching website & apps provides you. 

We are Certified & Natural Diamond & Gems Merchant and Exporter and Astrology Consultancy with Gem Testing Lab.

Our all Astrological Predicted by Licence  Holder with  Govt. Reg. [PhD] Astrologer & Gemologist Mahamahopadhyay Acharya Dr. Pijush Sashtri(PhD) .

Dr. Pijush Sashtri(PhD) get Jotish Sagar, Jotish Samrat, Mahamahopadhyay,Acharya,Bastu Shastra Bisarad,Sashtri, Govt.Reg.Gemologist,Doctorate(Submitted Thesis of Bhagawat Gita),Astro Researcher with Four Gold Medalist,Rudraksha Bisarad,All India Conference 1st Award 2005[Raj Jotishi],Sarna Mukut Award-2006,Secretary of Jyotish Sopan,Palmist,Numerologist,Horoscope Maker & Reader, Jyotish Ratna Award-2012,Member of “College of Astro Medical Research”Board Director.


We provides all type astro Judgment....(Predicted by Dr. Pijush Sashtri)

[We Provide Guarantee With Privacy on All Type Astrology Consultancy]

1.  Horoscope(Kundali / Thikuji / Kusti) Make with Judgment.
2.  Numerology Full Judgment.
3.  Hand (Palm) Reading with Judgment.
4.  All Type Vastu all Consultant.
5.  Lal Kitab wise Judgment.
6.  Hora and Horari Judgment.
7.  Gemology Education Wise Prediction.
8.  Daily Result Astrology Prediction.
9.  Krishna Murti -Jainimi -Parasara-, Bhrigu Math.Use for Judgment.
10.Panchasara Judgment.   
11.Prashna Lagna Judgment.
12.Daily Result Judgment.  
13.Muhurta Judgment
14.Barsafal(Yearly-Monthly Date Wise Result).
15.Rashi wise Result Prediction.
16.Samudrik wise  Judgment.
17.Naksha wise Result Prediction.
18.Any Quatation Lagna Prediction.
19.Dashabarga wise Power Judgment.
20.Dharma and Karma Judgment.
21.Asstabarga Wise  Judgment.
22. Education and Profession Life.
23.Marriage and Marriage Life Judgment.
24.Name,Gulik/Kalbela, YamBela.
25.Kaalsarpa yog Judgment With Remedy.
26.Mangalik dosh Judgment With Remedy.
27.All Type Yoga Judgment.
28. State of Health Position Judgment.
29.House Prediction.
30.Satru and Mitra with all Yoga Prediction.
31.Travel Position Prediction.
32.Characterstics with Mental Position.
33.Service Life & Money Position Judgment.
34.Bimsotori Dasha Details Judgment.
35. Saturn-Rahu Dasa Details Judgment.
36. Sare-Sati Sani Judgment.
37.Yogini and Bhrigu Dasa Judgment.
38.Sarosattori Dasa Details Judgment.
39.Name Analysis For Life Live Path.
40.We Try All Type Confirm Remedy.

You Go to Any Astrologer many Time for one Problam / Querys  But - You Go to  Dr. Pijush Sashtri One Time For Many Problam/ Querys

Astrologer Advice

1.Astrologer can Define the Fortune but can’t Changed the Destiny.

2.Correct diagnosis Remedy can Protect & Cropped the Bad Effect
   of the  Fortune. (If You Want  Real Remedy for Planets so  must use
   100%  Natural Certified Real Gems  with  Grade + Quality + Weight. )

3.Destiny + Labour + Time + Effort = Success.
                       (Any Part / Subject of Human Life).

4.The Details with Accurate Judgment of Birth / Marriage / Longevity-
    is Hard in Astrology.

5. Longevity is Destiny > God’s Gift. If  One’s Life is no more than any Accurate
    Judgment of Astrology is not Correct.

6. Do not  Depend on an Honest Face , You  Must  Demand  A  Tax Invoice ,Govt. Reg.
    Certificate/ Reg File with Guarantee.

7. We Try Give to Party  Guaranteed Astrological Predictions with Remedy.

8. You Direct Online Visit & Download Live Your Astro File & Any Direct Online Consultancy  to

Extra Remedy for all and Best Effect for Human Live Life
1. You Must any type Loan Remove from any Person / Place.
2. Donate Fress Raddish or Rice.
3. Observe 16 Monday Shiv Puja with 21 Ekadasi Narayan Puja Faithfully.
4. Float on Coconut in the Sea.
5. Place a Silver Swastik and Ganesh Murti Entrance of Your House.  
6. Keep Barley Grains By Your Side While Sleeping in the Night and Feed
    Them to birds at dawn
7.Float More Alive Fishes Than Your Age once or Twice Every Year in  the River.
8.Observe Every Wednesday Lord Ganesh Puja with “Bundy Laddos” .
9.Touch the Papal tree on Saturday and Offer Sweet water to it.
10.Feed Millet Etc. Daily to the Birds.
11.Wear Your Astro Predict Rudraksha Evertime after mantra  jaap.
12.You Must Daily Puja & Jaap Upper Write All Mantras and use
      Must all Remedy Gems Faithfully.

N.B: We Try 100% Guarantied Prediction with Remedy on Govt.Reg Astro File.

          Believe or not Believe True Govt.Reg. Astrologer is Here.


Astrology is the study of celestial bodies interpreted as affecting personality, human affairs, and natural events .The primary astrological bodies are the Sun, Moon, and planets, which are analyzed by their aspects (relative positions to one another), by their placement in  houses (spatial divisions of the sky), and their movement through signs of the zodiac (spatial divisions of the ecliptic).

Is Astrology a science?:

It falls more in the category of metaphysics, the study of that which is beyond the physical. It is similar to other fields that are founded on ancient theories of energy patterns, like feng shui, acupuncture and yoga. Astrology at high levels is a mastery of its particular science and the intuitive arts. As the earliest known ordering of existence, long before recorded history, it is been called the "Mother of all Sciences." 
Understanding Your Birth Chart:

Astrology can be baffling at first, because it involves a different kind of wisdom. There are three parts to any birth chart (click here for your own chart)-- planet, sign and house. There s a blending that happens in astrology that involves those three. As you learn more, your understanding deepens. You get a sense of what life lessons the Aries Sun in the 10th House holds for you.

After learning about the planets, signs and houses, it is time to look at aspects. This is the relationship between the players in your birth chart. Do they square each other? Or, are they in harmony with trines and sextiles.


Astrology, the Science of the Stars

    Astrology is one of the great adventures of human civilization and has contributed greatly to people s lives and to our culture over time. Astrology s purpose is to use the positions of the planets and stars in the sky to gather information on the individual and on humanity. Astrology is a system that enables us to understand the past, present and the future within a universe full of meaning.   

 Freewill and Destiny

Astrology is not generally a way of foretelling inevitable fate (though it can be under some circumstances). Paracelsus, one of the world s greatest astrologers, remarked, quoting the ancients: "The stars incline; they do not compel" (Astra inclinant non necessistant). He meant that while planetary influences create the groundwork and basis for action in any set of circumstances, there is still the element of free will in us all. We become masters of our own destinies to the degree to which we are no longer entirely subject to the mechanical influences of the conditioned world. We can use the techniques and insights of astrology to make sense of our connection with each other, with the universe at large, and with our own inner selves – to select a higher frequency channel, if you like. This is called living with intent.


Gemstone Indian Name Finger to be worn on Day to be worn on To be mounted in
Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj / Pushkaraj Index Finger Thursday Gold
Ruby Manek / Manik Ring Finger Sunday Gold
Blue Sapphire Neelam Middle Finger Saturday Silver
Emerald Panna Little Finger Wednesday Gold or Silver
Coral Mangal / Moonga Ring Finger Tuesday Gold or Silver
Pearl Moti Little Finger Monday Silver
Diamond Heera / Hira Ring Finger Friday Gold
Hessonite Gomed / Gomedh / Gomedak Middle Finger Saturday Silver
Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Lahsuniya / Lehsunia Little Finger Saturday Silver


  • Stone must be mounted such that it touches the skin when the ring or pendant is worn 
  • It is believed that for the best astrological effect, one must wear natural and untreated gemstones because the chemical properties of  the such stones are exactly as found in nature. Chemical properties of stones change when they are subject to treatments like heating, filling, etc.


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